organic spray tanning...Derived from Green Apples & Brown Sugar!

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Will I Look Orange From A Coat of Bronze Spray Tan?

Never. Coat of Bronze Organic Spray Tan created a patent pending, brown-sugar based solution derived from green apples. The brown sugar base ensures golden brown color eliminating all possibilities of an orange tone. The majority of other solutions on the market contain beat or carrot fermented extracts and harsh chemicals. This is where the orange tones and unpleasant smells come from. We guarantee the highest quality, golden-bronzed results. 

What If I Have Very Fair Skin?

Coat of Bronze solution will react naturally with each specific skin tone. If you have an extremely fair complexion, we suggest choosing a lighter tone to ensure satisfaction. 

​​Can I Get an Airbrush Tan if I Have Dry Skin?

Absolutely. Our solution helps hydrate dry skin.  We do recommend you use a moisturizer the week leading up to your tan.


Coat of Bronze spray tanning solution is derived largely of organic green apples and brown sugar. It also contains anti-aging effects and (DHA) dihydroxyacetone compound which is derived from vegetables and helps produce the tan. DHA is a 100% natural tanning agent that reacts with the amino acids in the skin to produce a rich, completely natural looking tan.  DHA is currently used in todays makeup, skin care products and food ingredient. This has been used for almost 30 years and was listed with the FDA in 1973.  

DHA is not absorbed into the body and poses no possibility of toxicity. 

How Do I Prepare For My Coat of Bronze Spray Tan?

Thoroughly exfoliate, shave or wax 18-24 hours prior to your treatment. Have a manicure and/or pedicure done BEFORE your treatment. Avoid wearing make up, moisturizers and deodorant to your appointment as this acts as a barrier to the spray and stops the color from developing correctly.  Do not use any soaps with oils in before you tan. Glycerin soap is ideal because it leaves the least amount of residue on your skin. 

Our spray tan will not permanently stain your clothes. 

What Do I Wear to My Appointment?

We suggest wearing dark, loose fitting clothes and preferably flip flops. We recommend not wearing tight fitting leggings or jeans.

What Do I Wear During My Session?

This is simply about your comfort level.

Men, we ask that you wear underwear.

Ladies, you can wear nothing to whatever you are most comfortable in.

How Long Does the Appointment Take?

We time your appointment to last about 30 minutes. 

How Do I Maintain My Coat of Bronze Spray Tan?

Do not shower or sweat for 5-7 hours following your appointment. For the Express Spray Tan allow 3-4 hours before showering. Moisturize using a light lotion every day for a minimum of one week. Keeping moisturized will ensure an even, flawless fade. Coat of Bronze After-Care Moisturizer and Enhancer is recommended for best results. Avoid chlorinated jacuzzi's, saunas, steam rooms and massage's when possible.

How long will my Coat of Bronze Spray Tan last?

A Coat of Bronze Spray Tan will last anywhere from 7-10 days.

The amount of physical activity, after care, and proper preparation for the tan are all factors of how many days you can expect your tan to last.